Work + Adventure

There's something special about creating and capturing content for clients. Trusted to tell their story based off a couple guidelines. Other great adventures are those explored solo, with loved ones and others with friends. These are those moments.
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Fact 01

I’m Hannah

I was born and raised in Montana, with its beautiful forests, mountains, and lakes becoming my own personal backyard.

Fact 02

Relationship with nature

I love nature and adventure. My youth was spent hiking, camping, and going on road trips, it’s how I think we can reconnect our souls with the nature around us.

Fact 03


If nature is my first true love, photography became my second one. It started with just wanting to take pictures of sunsets, friends while camping, and mountains, but I was instantly drawn to it.

Fact 04


Not only am I a photographer, I am also a certified hiking and camping guide in the state of Montana! It seemed like the perfect way to channel my hobby and have more opportunities to photograph nature.


Sam Wilson

Hannah's photography is absolutely incredible. She has a unique ability to capture the essence of her subjects in a way that is both natural and beautiful. I couldn't be happier with my photos.