regardless of where

some people just want the picture, not the memories

— me

a boy and his collie

I'm pretty sure my father took this of me and my trusty border collie at the island. A place with such history and endless memories, a place that allows you to dream as far your mind will allow. Awkward in stance, curious to the world.

an Iceland adventure

I snagged a cheap ($234) roundtrip mistake fare from Austin to Iceland and the plan was to rent a 110 defender and wander about the country. Looking back, I'm happy my sister thought I couldn't survive the entire trip as her and mom talked my pops into joining in what became one of my favorite trips to date.

more about me

I’m rob

and I was born in Mississippi and raised by two hard working parents who allowed us kids to be kids. Took pictures because I wanted to, not because I had to.


requires you to think about everything; the framing, the subject, the imperfections. This medium requires an attention to detail, manual focus and soft breathing.


started as trips with family to college days spending time off campus at pizza taverns, Mississippi river ways and music festivals, eventually turned into a livelihood.


from a young age of drawing floor plans of our house to studying to be an architect. This path transitioned into interior design for yacht design. However, I was at the wrong University for yachts, but my love for product design and furniture design came out in every studio project.